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Facial Reflexology


Facial reflexology is based on the theory that areas of the face are connected to areas of the body. Treatments can benefit your whole body and have the unique benefit of helping your skin to glow.

Gives your skin a healthy radiance

Facial reflexology rejuvenates your skin and boosts radiance. Precise reflexology and massage techniques relax the muscles of the face, relieving underlying tension and softening facial features. 

It also improves blood circulation to the face and neck and encourages lymphatic drainage, allowing waste products and toxins to be removed giving the skin a healthy glow.

Benefits your whole body

This is a distinct specialist area of reflexology. It is based on the principle that the face provides a beautiful and precise tool to read what is going on within the body. Treatments are holistic,  benefiting not just your face but your whole body.  As well as general wellbeing it can also benefit specific concens such as sinusitis or headaches.

Calms and relieves stress

Facial reflexology is an wonderful way of  countering stress. It stimulates reflexology points that can be helpful in relieving the effects of stress and the treatment itself is also soothing and relaxing.

Your treatment

As well as facial reflexology I have trained in facials with VTCT and Neal's Yard Remedies. Your treatment will combine relaxing facial massage techniques with reflexology for a very enjoyable and calming experience. It is enhanced with natural organic facial oils from Neal's Yard Remedies  to soften and nourish your skin.

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